As am sure that you have all seen our post for Goin to the Dogs adoption and fundraiser event this Sunday, March 1st from 11 to 5. This is our biggest event of the year, an amazing day filled with a lot of adoptions, a lot of people, live music, food trucks, raffles etc. We are asking EVERYONE if they can help make this day a success. We need people to transport dogs. We need people to help with the dogs at the event. This is very important. We need at least two people for each dog so that nobody is stuck the whole day alone with a dog. The dogs will have blankets and treats and beds and it’s a big piece of property and I don’t want to have to leave any dogs behind because we don’t have enough volunteers to help. Please contact us at 877-506-8100 or via email at if you’re willing to make a commitment to share the day with us. Thank you for all your help and continued support.Goin to the dogs revised

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