Are you Ready for some Amazing News???

2 years! Our Rescue Team set out to rescue 15 dogs from a place called the Mangroves. One of our toughest challenges yet in Rescue. Months to bring all these feral dogs into safety. A property that was going to be bulldozed, and has. While all but one were Adopted into loving homes, Rubysue who we rescued as a puppy so fearful and completely shut down has been with our organization for 2 very long years. Our friend, and let’s just say a previous Adopter who also Adopted Rubysue s Brother Davo now renamed Mason reached out to me wanting us to bring Rubysue to her loving home to see if she would fit in. Let’s just say with love patience and commitment to make this work, It Has more than worked! Rubysue is HOME!!!!!
2 years!!! Thank you to Our friend, our Angel, our family Stephanie and your beautiful family for just being you! We Love & Appreciate you Beyond measure. Love your family at 100 + abandoned dogs of everglades Florida

Ruby Sue Adopted Collage

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