Archie … ADOPTED!!!

Little Archie found Abandoned on the streets of Miami in the pouring rain alone and hungry. Update! After being nursed back to health and loved in his foster, I received this message from his foster mom Chloe this morning. Archie is Adopted! WATCH THIS VIDEO!

I feel really bad to kind of give hopes to this person but I spoke with Jc yesterday and we can’t let him go.
We just love him too much and the 3 of them are just so stinking cute playing all the time. I went to the pet store yesterday and bought him a new super cute sweater. He’s so happy and good all the time and I can’t seem to think he would be better with someone else. I don’t want him to be left alone for hours while people go to work. He’s just amazing! I wake up sometimes just to hug and kiss them lol
I just don’t feel like someone else could love him as much as I do.
Can I keep him pls. Chloe & Jc

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