And now look at our Love … such a transformation!!!

Love is finally ready to start her new Journey in finding a place to call home. Please consider opening your heart and home to our Love. Thank you Robert for fostering love until her forever home is found. WATCH HER LATEST VIDEO!

Mommy loves rescue video 8 months ago along with her 5 very sick parvo puppies in Liberty City Miami. We rescued the five puppies and were told the mommy was dead. we then got word that Mommy was not dead we rushed back to Liberty City and were able to bring mommy love into safety. The puppies we rushed to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists for around the clock care 5 puppies with parvo. Sadly 3 survived. Mommy love was riddled with fear afraid of everything and everyone. we have worked so hard on rehabilitating her showing her she is safe and loved. she has gone to foster the other day with Robert she is doing absolutely amazing. She is playful she’s loving she wants to cuddle she is so ready to start that next step in her journey. we share this video to remind you of where she came from. We will share shortly a new video of what she has become 8 months later thanks to unconditional love and patience. We work day in and day out 7 days a week to show our rescues we will not give up on them. The day of rescue is the easy part. The follow through is the true part of Rescue.
100 + Abandoned dogs of everglades Florida

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