UPDATE 6/21 @7:39 PM
I have added photos of puppies and mom, all of whom are in critical care.
The following is an excerpt from the rescue’s most recent post:

This litter that I am sharing with you along with the medical vet bills that we have so far are fighting for their lives. They have never been to a vet including Mommy no vaccines. The ones that suffer are these innocent helpless Souls. Bloody diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, seizures & bellies Full of Parasites sucking the life out of their little frail bodies. All so unnecessary if owners would do the responsible thing spay and neuter and vaccinate. So far we have 3 puppies and the mommy at the 24-hour animal hospital leader in Cooper City they are all on feeding tubes and they are fighting for their lives every minute of the day.
Coral Springs we have five puppies all on feeding tubes, antibiotics, & fluids fighting for their lives every second of the day. When the first puppy in the mommy tested positive I immediately said I can’t do this we cannot take them. I will not lie. After 2 seconds I thought about it if we had said no each and every one of these innocent Souls would be dead without a Fighting Chance. When you are presented with these little faces how do you say no? That is my question to everybody reading this post. It is not an easy position to be in I will kid you not. Sleepless nights of constant worry of how we are going to cover these medical bills that are astronomical takes every bit of energy we have. Today we are asking for your help the community we are halfway there we have raised $21,000 we are still over $22,000 between 5 & 7 Thousand per puppy.. away from covering their medical to give them that Fighting Chance and ongoing. Please we’re asking for your love your support by donating and also praying for all of these nine precious lives to make it through we are doing our part can you please help us keep our promise and our commitment to this family? We thank you in advance for your love and your support we will continue to update as we receive more information from the doctors. Parvo is a HORRIFIC & PAINFUL VIRUS! THESE BABIES NEED US! PLEASE.

UPDATE 6/21 @ 2:06 PM.
All 8 puppies have tested positive for Parvo, in addition to the mother (who is a puppy herself). They are all in critical care. Please pray.

Yesterday was horrific. Simply vaccinating and spaying this poor baby would have eliminated this nightmare. Words can’t describe watching a family of 9 dogs die in front of you and you are helpless. The puppies were literally screaming in pain. One started seizing and foaming at the mouth. Mom had projectile diarrhea in the car. I did not take a picture of that but trust me when I tell you it was lbs and lbs of garbage. If Amy Roman-Daniello at 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida. Had not taken them in……they would have all died a miserable death. I am begging you to donate to help cover the cost of their ASTRONOMICAL medical bill. Thank you. Please pray for the dogs.

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