Albert needs all of us and our prayers now.

Albert was rescued from death row Miami-Dade Animal Services kill shelter. He was emaciated and set to be euthanized seconds before we pulled him to safety. He is a baby, only 1 year of age. He has been in and out of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists every other day fighting for his life. He has received 5 blood transfusions. Countless angels have come together to show their love and their support for Albert. Twenty-seven dogs showed up yesterday to try and be a match for Albert’s blood type. Today Albert is going in for exploratory surgery. The blood transfusion he received late yesterday afternoon will only hold him for a few days. It is simply a bandaid. He has been tested for every tick borne disease, every parasite, ultrasounds and has had x-rays. Everything has come back negative. We have a very short window to help Albert, like going in for the surgery to find out what is causing his body to not hold the blood. There is nothing, absolutely nothing we will not do for one of our rescues. Each rescue that we lock eyes and place our hands on are like one of our very own. We are begging for you, our loving supporters who have always been there for us, to please pray, donate and share for Albert. We will surround him, as we have been from day one, with nothing but unconditional love. We will stay by his side. We will hold his paw every step of the way. He is set to go into surgery early this afternoon. We will be there the second he goes in and we will be there the second he wakes up, God willing. We know in our hearts that we have done and will continue to do anything and everything to give sweet Albert that chance at life. He has so much to live for, so much to look forward to. We ask all of you and God to please watch over our Albert. We love you. We thank you for your ongoing love and your support. We truly are surrounded by countless angels everywhere. We will keep you posted throughout the day, every step of the way.
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