Albert is still fighting …

Yesterday we learned Albert was not doing well… his blood count was a VERY LOW 13 and needed a 4th blood transfusion. LVS has exhausted their blood supply trying to find a type he won’t reject … we HAVE to save him!! We took Michael, our young and strong boy to see if he’s a match for Albert. Unfortunately, he was not. So our crew, volunteers and Albert’s foster mom stepped up with their personal dogs to see if they were a match. Out of seven dogs that were tested, we have ONE Match for Albert!!! THANK YOU JESSIE AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL DOG BELLA for donating blood for Albert.

Here are the videos from yesterday:

We stopped by LVS to see Albert around 11:30 last night. He had just about finished with his blood transfusion and he already has so much more life in him then he did this afternoon. . Please PRAY that he is able to keep his level up and we don’t have to do this for the 5th time.. We love you Albert!!

Please pray for Albert!! Please Donate so we can continue A 501c3 Org


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