Our Albert is not doing well…

WE need you guys again…so it’s CHALLENGE TIME! Our beautiful Albert, who we pulled off death row at MDAS was diagnosed with IMHA and is fighting for his life at LVS. It has been a roller coaster ride so far and he’s not doing well. He’s had 3 blood transfusions so far and they can not manage to keep his red blood cell count up. He is currently at 13, which is grave. We will do EVERYTHING in our power to save his life but as you know, that costs money. He’s getting around the clock care with a private specialist and nurse. He’s in the best possible hands and we want to keep him there and keep fighting for him.. that’s where you come in. We have a $500 Visa card donated to us by an amazing supporter. So, on our Facebook page, we are issuing a $10 CHALLENGE! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ABANDONEDDOGSEVERGLADES?fref=nf), look for the $10 Challenge post and comment that you did to be entered to win. We will announce the winner Friday ..please help us save Albert’s life. Please Donate so we can continue A 501c3 OrgĀ 


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