Albert continues to fight and so do we!!!

Albert update…

Yesterday was a hard day for Albert and the 100+ family. We received a call that Albert wasn’t doing well. We rushed to LVS to see him, he was very week, could barely lift his head and his blood count was down to 10 which is extremely low. He needed another blood transfusion so we put out a plea on our Facebook page. We are surrounded by angels… look at this amazing show of support:

WE FOUND A MATCH!!! The blood transfusion had to be stopped midway as he was having a reaction. They decided to slow down the process and it worked. He felt better within hours. We finally get to see our Albert … look at his tail wag and inhale the food we had for him:

Now is the hard part. Today Albert will have surgery at LVS to figure out why he cant hold his blood count. Please pray for our boy.



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