5 Years ago I received a call about a hoarding situation in Miami. When our 100 + Team arrived we could not believe what our eyes were seeing. The living conditions. Over 25 dogs locked in filthy cages covered in feces urine & cockroaches. We removed every single dog then transported them to the animal hospital for immediate medical care. One of the dogs was a beautiful Terrified panda Shepard named Leyla. Leyla was Adopted then returned when her family had a baby & moved from a house with a yard into an apartment. Fast forward Leyla found a wonderful loving foster home.
Today her foster is extremely ill & now poor Leyla must find yet again a new home. It breaks our hearts for not only Leyla, but of course for her foster. I’m sure you could only imagine the Heartbreak. We must stay focused his one wish is to get Leyla into a loving home. That home must be the perfect home for her. No children a fenced yard would be amazing.
A quiet home. She is 7 years of age she is beautiful & completely vetted. Very protective over her person as most shepherds are.
Please we are begging for your help. If you can be that special Angel for Leyla please reach out to us. Located in the Fort Lauderdale FL area. We are more than happy to drive 5 hours if it is the perfect home we will not ship or transport out of state we must do a home check and a meet with the family to make sure it is a perfect fit. She has been through so much we must make sure it is just right for her this time no more moving around.. 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com 877-506-8100

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