We would like to take this time to check in with our amazing supporters to not only give you all a very heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your continued love and support of our organization, but to show you what that love and support has accomplished so far in the first 6 months of this year. First off, we want to thank you for helping us save those almost hopeless cases like Frances, Albert, Xena, Valentine, countless parvo babies like Amore, Lennon, and Bullet and for contributing to the ongoing care of our hospice fosters, Stout and Mommy Molly. Not only did your funds go to save those critical cases that we just couldn’t give up on but since January 1st 2015 until today, you have helped us save 163 LIVES!! When we say we cannot do this without you and your continued support, we want to show you what we mean by that statement. Since Jan 1st of this year, at Imperial Point Animal Hospital where we vet the majority of our rescues, we have spent $186,679.76 with $23,500.99 still outstanding. Also since Jan 1st at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists we have spent $101,033.91 with $12,172.55 still outstanding. Mind you this is just for veterinary care … shots, spays, neuters, microchips, necessary surgeries for hips, legs, hernias, ears, eyes and for those very critical cases such as Albert having 24/7 round the clock specialist care for months, 10 blood transfusions and major surgery to save his life. I know to some these figures may seem high, but for our true supporters, you know we will go to any length, spend any amount and only seek out the absolute best care for our dogs. We believe that is what you have come to expect of us as well. These figures do not include boarding, special diets for our hospice dogs, some of our ongoing care for the dogs while they are in foster homes awaiting their forever home or the figures from some of the other veterinary offices and specialists we have used this year. For all of our supporters, we want you to know that our hearts and our doors are always open to you for any questions or concerns. For those of you that want to become more involved, we welcome you all with open arms, because once again, this is a community effort, where we all have the same passion and goal, and that is to save lives!!
With all that being said, we are putting out a $10 CHALLENGE!! We have some outstanding bills to cover, and we desperately want to get back out there and save the lives of those babies still waiting. So for this challenge we will be raffling off an IPAD! Just donate $10 between now and next Tuesday, and leave a comment below that you have donated and we will pick the winner next Tuesday at noon!
Good Luck, and once again, THANK YOU for your continued love and support of our mission.We thank and appreciate each and every one of you!

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