A Happy Little Update on Hero.

If you remember we had posted a picture of a completely matted little dog. Matted to the skin picked up on the street then taken into the Broward shelter which is a kill shelter. We immediately placed a hold and if you remember the video of Amy with little Hero on her lap with the growth on his head razor burns from his shave. For weeks Hero set in isolation with upper respiratory and kennel cough. every day we would sit and love on him to let him know he was safe. A wonderful family came to meet hero and it was magical. I have been receiving texts daily of how wonderful he is doing How He is so Loved. This family is so thankful and adore little hero. Here are some of the photos that I received that I wanted to share with all of you. This is where your love and your support go to help us and allow us to continue to save so many lives just like little hero. I hope this makes you smile as it did us. 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

Hero Adopted

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