A face of an Angel sent right here.

If you recall we Rescued 2 last call Miami Dade animal services dogs who were to be killed the night 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida pulled them to safety. Lady in the photo a senior chiuaua has been diagnosed with possible mass that could be cancer. An object in her stomach that is not an obstruction but it is evident she was starving and was eating whatever she could to stop the hunger pains. She is mostly blind. Lady is eating peeing pooping and lots of tail wagging. She is in no pain. Felicia who works at lauderdale veterinary specialists instantly fell in love with lady. Lady has left the kennel and is in the loving arms and home with Felicia. We 100 + Will cover all medical bills for lady. Every day is a gift for all of us. Lady will know nothing but unconditional love for whatever time she has. We will keep you all updated as we go. Lady we love you and Felicia we can’t thank you enough

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