5 YEARS AGO TODAY we pulled Albert

5 years.. 5 YEARS AGO TODAY we pulled Albert into safety..fought like hell to save his life..surgeries, transfusions, experimental treatments, months in ICU..and he fought and fought and fought and won..he LIVED!! And now, 5 years later, his entire reason for existence, to love someone, has eluded him..he has STILL not found his FOREVER home, his forever person, his happily ever after.. WHY?!?!! This boy is so beyond special to me, his soul is so pure, so full of love..his forever has to be out there somewhere..PLEASE dont let it become 6 years..PLEASE!! We are FOREVER GRATEFUL to his AMAZING foster mommy Robin Davis who tirelessly picks him up every night after work, and drops him off every morning before work, takes him on weekends and Holodays, and loves him to the moon and back..but sadly she can not keep him..its not a forever situation..he deserves his Happily Ever After.. its time.. He has been the longest resident in 100+’s history 😭😭😭
Please SHARE!! 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com or 877-506-8100.
*Must be the only pet
*Must have secured yard w/doggy door
*Must keep a clean and tidy home.
@100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

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