Sadly this dog passed away.

Sadly this dog passed away.
Here’s a lesson for those of you using, or considering, invisible fencing.

I got a call from my vet last night: her daughter had put her dogs in the yard when she got home from school, and an hour later, one of them, a terrier mix, was missing. She told me that she thought a coyote had grabbed him.

I ran over with my infrared camera, as it was after dark. It took us over an hour, but, we found him a couple hundred yards from home. He had fought off the coyote and most likely tried to get home. The shock collar around his neck had prevented his return, so he went back into the woods to lay down to die. When we found him he was pretty torn up with a temp of 94°F. It looks like we got to him just in time.

Invisible fencing is not going to keep animals, or other threats out of your yard. If your dog runs through the barrier in persuit of a critter, he’s going to get corrected by that collar if he tries to get back. Please don’t even think about installing this: especially for greyhounds.


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