Lady and Vicki …both available for adoption

Nothing but Love!
Available for Adoption Lady a 8 lb Sweet loving dogs friendly Maltese mix. Also Vicki a super sweet gorgeous Terrier mix 15 lbs. Nothing but love from these two looking for forever homes. Saved by 100 + Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida from the Miami Dade animal Services Kill shelter. Please consider opening up your home and your heart. To inquire about Adoption please contact us at
100 + Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida

2 Comments on "Lady and Vicki …both available for adoption"

  • Diane Kinney says

    I would love to adopt one of them. My problem is I live in Tennessee. While I do not have a problem coming to pick one up, I do not know how you would do your home visit. I could give you my vets name and number so they can tell you how well I take care of the 2 dogs I have. I can send pictures or perhaps you know someone who is close. I live one hour south of Nashville off of I65.

  • 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Diane, Can you contact us at 877.506.8100 to discuss? Thanks