Jewel, left behind when her family moved needs out of the kennel…

“What did I do wrong ?”…”Did I not show you I loved you enough everyday ?”…”Do you not miss me like I miss you ?”…With sweet Jewel here, it’s all in her eyes….That look of complete confusion and abandonment….You see, her…”owners ” moved out of the home the other day and left Jewel TIED TO THE DOORKNOB WITH A LUGGAGE STRAP !!???…Can you even imagine !? Us either !!! The saying is “Dogs are the only creatures that love you more then they love themselves”…Well, I will say this, her previous owners didn’t deserve her love !!! If you can give this amazing little girl a REAL forever home and prove that not all humans are evil, please contact us today at 877-506-8100 or


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