Loni 3 yrs 9 lbs and his family didnt want him…

Loni 3 yrs 9 lbs. His family didn’t want him. They kept his mommy and his daddy, but didn’t want little Loni. Can you imagine? Loni was with his mommy and daddy his entire life and then ended up in a kennel. Now it is time to find loni a forever loving home where he will be wanted, loved and adored. Is that special someone you?
Please consider opening up your home and your heart to loni. Dog, cat, and kid friendly & potty trained! He is shy at first but loves to play and is the best snuggler once he gets to know you. ❤️ Please share so we can get this baby into his forever home. 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida
If you are interested in meeting Loni, please contact us at 100PlusAbandonedDogs@gmail.com or 877.506.8100

2 Comments on "Loni 3 yrs 9 lbs and his family didnt want him…"

  • Andrea Cheney says

    I’m in love with Loni. I know he has a meet and great today. Amy emailed my daughter. Loni looks exactly like the min pin we adopted from you over 4 years ago. AKA Cayman was Jerry. Please if this doesn’t work out call me. I’m retired and home most of the time.

  • Andrea Cheney says

    Please let me know if Loni was adopted. I know he had a meet and great yesterday 10/13. I already have 1 of your rescues and he looks exactly like him.