Courtesy Post

Heartbreaking! This is a Courtesy post. Please consider opening up your home and your heart. Brandy needs our help.
My mind cannot seem to find peace knowing the situation that’s going on with this beautiful girl…. it makes me shake knowing that after 10 years this girl was given up by her owners because she has anxiety issues…. after 10 years…… perfectly healthy, 10 year old shepherd corgi and chow mix (assuming). All this baby has left are some of her toys and her bed. Now she lays sleepless in a kennel wondering where her parents are and what happened. I work at the hospital she’s staying at and I see her every second of the day. I can literally see her wondering where she is. She is safe with us and extremely comforted BUT this isn’t the way she should live. This is when I legit BEG you all for help. Without us working together, this girl will become depressed and be sitting in a cage longer and longer. I need helping either sharing this post or by someone fostering her for a little. Even if you want to come spend time with her at the hospital, that’s fine. With things like this I get emotional. I’m pretty strong until I see something like this that drives me crazy and literally breaks my heart into a million pieces. I’m going to take Brandy out for a few hours a week to get her mind off things and get her out the kennel for a little bit.
Lets get Brandy into a loving home with someone who is patient and will kiss her eyes so she NEVER sees something so bad again. Brandy needs a new family who will love her for the rest of the years she has left. Every life matters!

Courtesy Post Brandy 09.22.16

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