Helpful July 4th tips…

Leaving your pet home alone in a crate isn’t always ideal. They can panic and bust out and possibly injure themselves. If you plan on leaving your pets home alone this holiday please take extra precaution.
1. Do not not leave dogs together. Even buddies for years can panic to the point of hurting each other.
2. If you’re going to leave them in crate don’t leave it on carpet, some dogs have lifted their crate pan in panic and destroyed carpet underneath.
3. Make sure all windows are secured, shut, locked, and curtains closed. Dogs have been known to bust out of Windows.
4. Reinforce gates with locks or zip ties just incase.
5. Leave a tv or radio on for them
6. Remember dogs can hear fireworks anywhere from 2-6 miles away. Depends on the dog and the environment you live in.
7. Most importantly UPDATE any and all microchip information, make sure they have tags on, and have bail money ready incase they get out. In some counties it could cost anywhere from $50-$300 to get your pup out of jail.
1. Do not use a retractable leash when fireworks start.

2. Do not attach your leash to a flat buckle collar dogs can easily get out of one and now you have no dog and he has no tags.
3. Do not tie your dog to something and go enjoy fireworks. Dogs will eat their leashes or lines to get away.
4. If you have a small dog and plan on holding them, still use a leash. Incase they try to swan dive out of your arms.
5. It’s best to use a slip lead, or prong collar when out. They can not get out of them no matter how hard they try if on properly.
Also as a last resort go to your vet and ask for a sedative for your dog. Most vets will prescribe 1-2 for a 8-12 hour period to help your dog. Please don’t always trust them, all dogs react differently.
An 85lbs pit only needed 1/2 of a pill where a 16lbs Puggle required 1.5.
Please stay safe and enjoy your holidays.
ALSO!!!!!! Check your local Facebook page, your newspaper, with neighbors, your community to see exactly what dates fireworks will be held and be prepared for a few days before and a few days after for random people to set off

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