We are asking for All of you to Sign

We are asking for All of you to Sign. I received a text message a few nights ago from a Miami police officer with photos in the conditions of how this dog is being forced to live by its owner. Miami-Dade Animal Control has been to this location in Miami twice and left the dog there. Apparently there is Now this petition to have this dog removed. We are asking all of you to take a moment and share I will also be adding the messages I received along with photos underneath this post. Dog is locked in this box 24 hours a day 7 days a week the dog is not let out for any exercise or human contact. The water is green and at times the dog has food not always. The dog is also in this pen which has a chain and lock to keep him in. This dog has no voice please we are asking for your help.
Here are the text messages that I personally received from the Miami police officer asking for help.
Please Sign & Share.
This dog is in the grove. This was taken in Jan. His skin condition is now worse and the owned have poured car motor oil all over him bcs they heard it cures mange. Someone offered them 500.00 for him, which is what they paid and he said no. Animal services have been there twice and bcs the dog has food and green water , yes green, thyme said there is nothing they can do. The dog is now licking the oil off of him and he’s going to die.

Hi Amy I’m sure your hands are full but wanted to pass this dogs dire situation to you . The messages attached are from the person who sent it to me

Courtesy 05.09.16

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