Maliki Thanks YOU!!!

Maliki Thanks You! CLICK HERE for his latest video!
The other night I posted some photos and x-rays of Maliki and his broken femur. while we were at the animal hospital we heard crying and screaming. From that cage was a little puppy who desperately needed surgery to take him out of his pain and save his leg. The surgery $3,000. I created a post and I begged all night to all of you. I wanted to personally thank you, to each and everyone of you that came through and donated to save This Boy’s Life. He is recovering and is ready to go to a loving local Foster. He needs cage rest and he needs to be carried out to do is pee pees and his poopoos. Please if you can offer that calm loving place for 4 weeks please reach out to us. We do not want him sitting in a kennel environment .He needs to be shown love right now and recovering in a quiet calm loving home.
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Maliki Collage

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