Rixby, such a good boy!

THIS VIDEO says it All!
This morning I received a call begging for help. Sari who has been feeding Rixsby for almost 3 months on the streets. Rixsby was traveling with another small white dog , got hit and did not survive. Rixsby who was limping and living under a csr, a tree wherever he could find shelter. We set out today with a trap and a Rotisserie chivken. We drove out to the location, set the trap and thankfully were successful in bringing Rixsby into safety. After trapping him We drove straight to the animal hospital where he received blood work which thankfully revealed No heartworm. We did a fecal and dewormer. Tomorrow Rixsby will get vaccines, xrays to see why he is limping. He has battle scars which show he has had a tough, hard life. It appears he at one time was chained leaving him with a deep scar around his entire neck. Probably an embedded collar. He is between 3-4 yrs of age. Young and beyond sweet. Loved being touched and loved. He was actually smiling. Today we saved an innocent life from a life no animal should ever live. Welcome Rixsby to the rest of your new life with Nothing but unconditional love and security. Please Donate to allow us to properly care for his medical needs and for all the Rixsby s out there still needing our help. 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com if you can help by fostering. 100 + Abandoned dogs of everglades Florida.

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