Our gorgeous Ember

Our gorgeous Ember

Available for adoption. Ember is 8 weeks of age Lab mix. Located in Fort Lauderdale FL
To inquire about Adoption, please contact us at 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com
100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

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  • Debbie White says

    If I could afford it I would drive to Florida and pick up at least three of your abandoned dogs but right now I do rescue the feral cats in my neighborhood and my car is broken down so I have no way of driving there and rescue any of these dogs if there was another way I would do it I don’t care if it’s a puppy and I don’t care if it’s an older dog they need a home I have a wonderful home I wish people would stop braiding and get their animals fixed so this wouldn’t be a problem and our society it is so sad just because they don’t have a home they have to be put down it doesn’t make sense to me people please sterilize your pets so this problem does not persist I love every one of you animals and the people to who work with you and take care of you prayers to all of you

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